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Di 'Story' kan oleh : El Saturday, November 21, 2015 tepat kul 3:31 PM 1 Comment

These are the story of Osama Laden listed chronologically:

1) 10 years hunting and bombing by US top agencies. He was still alive and hidden.
2) When the popularity sink, he was suddenly killed by Navy Seal in his house.
3) Osama Bin Laden body was said not buried, but "dropped in the ocean".
3) Shortly after the mission, all 22 members of Navy Seal team 6 who were in that mission was killed in a helicopter "attack". Black box of the chopper was not found and was claimed lost in the "flood".
4) Osama's son and wife died on a plane crash. Which ended his predecessor.

5) Al Qaeda's popularity went down. 
6) Now, IS formed of nowhere and take turns of the terrorism. 

Do not get fooled.

best ke tak best? 

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